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letter+from+creatorsfreedom+trailIn 2009, NextView Ventures founding partner Rob Go published a to-do list for new entrepreneurs in the Boston tech ecosystem. The following year, and every six months after that, he’d create the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Boston Tech Community. When it started, the list — like the community — was fairly small. The original post featured just three local tech events and 20 suggestions for people to follow on Twitter, among a handful of other categories.

Today, hundreds of emerging tech companies and thousands of entrepreneurs and investors call Boston home. New local media outlets have launched to focus specifically on Boston tech, while traditional publications cover the area’s innovation economy more than ever before. Countless coworking spaces, incubators, and accelerators have emerged, and at all hours, local bars and coffee shops are full of entrepreneurs and investors hatching plans for the future.

Yes, Boston is a growing hub of startup companies, talent, and ideas, with lots more room to continue growing behind a resurgent entrepreneurial energy. But while the city and community can feel accessible, supportive, and easy to navigate for some, it can also feel overwhelming with activity for others.

Our hope is that the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Boston Tech can serve as the community’s front door. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in this ecosystem, no matter how new or established, can use this resource as a jumping off point to find educational, business development, or career opportunities.

A Living Resource

charlesThis resource, like the startup world it serves, is far from a completed product. We intend for this to be a living, breathing site. What we have put forward is a start and is by no means comprehensive. It’s up to the community to contribute and feed this resource and keep it current and useful.

So, with that in mind, there are two ways you can contribute…

  1. To submit new or missing information, simply find the relevant section on the main page and use the links at the bottom of that section. (Be sure to check out what others have already submitted to avoid duplicates.)
  2. To share new, crazy ideas — which we love — you can tweet us. We’re @robgo, @Jay_zo, @theKeithF, and @arielsimonsays.

Some Necessary Disclaimers

As with anything created on behalf of a larger group, we need to insert a few caveats.

First, this resource is intended to support the web and mobile tech communities only.

Boston is home to many great industries, from biotech to health and medicine to food and much more. They all deserve their very own “front doors,” but this project is intended for web and mobile tech, media, and commerce, both B2B and B2C.

Second, we of course don’t wish to offend or disappoint anyone (but unfortunately that may be unavoidable).

Our goal is to provide a useful starting point that is a representation of the community. Including absolutely everything from Day One would be challenging (this is a side project after all). We hope that our approach to allowing community input will help this resource grow into something more comprehensive over the years.

Finally, we believe in launching something good, perhaps even great, rather than perfect.

We want to keep improving the Hitchhiker’s Guide, revisiting it every so often armed with real-world feedback. So please do share your thoughts.

If We Seem Biased Towards Boston…

downloadWell, that’s because we are!

We’re excited about and firmly believe in this town. We’re fiercely loyal to this community. We’re fans as much as we are players and participants. We suspect most of you are too, but if you’re not, we hope this resource will help you unlock all the great potential of Boston’s web and mobile tech ecosystem.

Now then — stop reading a website and get out into the community!

It has so damn much to offer.



One thought on “Letter from the Creators

  1. This is the resource of my dreams…it is going to be so helpful to orient new employees, to recruit long distance candidates, to lure my sons back to Boston, and to help me do a better job as an HBS EIR. Thank you thank you thank you.

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